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In response to The End of Faith, Sam Harris received thousands of letters from Christians excoriating him for not believing in God. Letter to A Christian Nation is his reply. Using rational argument, Harris offers a measured refutation of the beliefs that form the core of fundamentalist Christianity. In the course of his argument, he addresses current topics ranging from intelligent design and stem-cell research to the connections between religion and violence. In Letter to a Christian Nation, Sam Harris boldly challenges the influence that faith has on public life in our nation.


Autor: Sam Harris
Editura: Curtea Veche Publishing
Colectie: Seria Sam Harris
Anul aparitiei: 2.020
Luna aparitiei: 2
Tip coperta: Brosata
Traducator: Iustina Cojocaru
Numar de pagini: 96
Format: 130 x 200
ISBN: 978-606-44-0475-6
Cod de bare: 9786064404756

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