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Damian Stănoiu has a literary culture superior from his point of view to any other artistic erudition, namely that based on the Bible, on the Lives of the Saints, on the ecclesiastical books in the old archaic language that still survives in the monasteries. And it is not a culture of reading but of daily exercise, since from cover to cover the texts of these books form the material of monastic dialogue. The talent for storytelling has only met a verbal virtuosity that some writers acquire on the path of erudition and has led to a literature that, in what it has achieved, seems a more smiling extension of Mines. (G. Călinescu)


Autor: Damian Stanoiu
Editura: Hoffman
Colectie: Jurnalul cartilor esentiale
Anul aparitiei: 2.020
Luna aparitiei: 6
Tip coperta: Brosata
Numar de pagini: 170
Format: 130 x 200
ISBN: 978-606-46-1011-9
Cod de bare: 9786064610119

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