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The story of Jeanne Negrilă, the protagonist of this novel, is marked by two traumatic events. As a child, her younger brother’s illness deprives her of her parents’ attention, making her feel neglected. After Florinel’s death, in her teenage years, when things seem to be returning to normal, her parents separate. As a result, Ioana, now grown up, lives alone, convinced that any attempt to start a family is doomed to failure. It will not escape the reader’s notice, of course, that the character’s biographical details coincide with those of the author. The first-person narrative will also suggest that the name change is intended to present a strictly authentic life experience as fiction. But it would be a mistake to reduce the novel to the facts from which it started. Firstly, as a storyteller, Joan is not confused with the eponymous character; she eagerly recounts anecdotes about countless other characters. Secondly, there are, in fact, not one, but three ‘Ioane’ with distinct voices: the naive little girl, the proud teenager and the mature woman who looks back on her life. The main quality of the novel, remarkable for a debut, is this extraordinary mobility of point of view. The autobiographical character remains important, but it must be understood as a self-construction in which, paradoxically, the character takes the initiative. (Ovidiu Verdeș)

Diana Bădica is the prose writer we have been waiting for for a long time: the most tragic of her generation and at the same time the most comic. Rarely can someone capture so much life in a single book. (Marius Chivu)


Autor: Diana Badica
Editura: Polirom
Colectie: Top 10
Anul aparitiei: 2.020
Luna aparitiei: 5
Tip coperta: Brosata
Numar de pagini: 336
Format: 106 x 180
ISBN: 9789734681990
Cod de bare: 9789734681990

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