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Proceedings of the International Symposium Dumitru Stăniloae 2017

The problem of religious life in the totalitarian period, the very high price paid for institutional survival and the parables of witness, but also those of cowardice or duplicity, the innumerable forms of resistance, many unknown, or of saving, uncompromising compromise – all this, three decades after the regaining of freedom, imperatively questions us for an answer. The 2017 Dumitru Stăniloae International Symposium brought together for a few days clergy and laity, teachers and researchers, young people born after 1989 and witnesses of history, from the dungeons of anti-communist detention or from exile, theologians and historians, sociologists and journalists, diplomats and pedagogues, psychologists and museographers, passionate about preserving places of memory and tireless explorers of archives. As the history of communism is part of the wider one, a deeper dive into the depths of knowledge helps to better frame and understand the phenomenon in all its breadth. (Radu Preda, Ion Vicovan)


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