Cum a devenit Isus Dumnezeu – Preamarirea unui predicator evreu in Galileea pdf

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Jesus has always been recontextualized by people in different times and places. Jesus’ early disciples did so after they began to believe that he had risen from the dead and was glorified in heaven: they transformed him into something he had not been before and understood him in the light of their new situation. So did later New Testament authors, who recontextualized and understood Jesus in the light of their own, already very different, circumstances. So did the Christians of the second and third centuries, who understood Jesus not so much as an apocalyptic prophet but as a divine being become human. So did the Christians of the 4th century, who held that he had always existed and had always been equal in status, authority and power with God the Father. The same is true of Christians today, who believe that the divine Christ they believe in and confess is identical in every way to the person who walked the dusty roads of Galilee, preaching his apocalyptic message of the coming destruction. Most Christians today do not realize that they have recontextualized Jesus. But they have. Anyone who believes in him or shares any of his teachings has recontextualized Jesus – from the earliest believers in his resurrection to today. And so it will be forever and ever. – BART D. EHRMAN

How did Jewish monotheism allow God to have a son? Ehrman gives us the answer, taking us through a world of angels, stigmata, and countless demigods, in which a small messianic sect believed that Jesus of Nazareth had risen from the dead was making its way. – PAULA FREDRIKSEN


Autor: Bart D. Ehram
Editura: Humanitas
Colectie: Religie, crestinism
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Luna aparitiei: 6
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Format: 130 x 200
ISBN: 978-973-50-6779-3
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