Cercul de piatra. Vol. 1. Seria Outlander. Partea a III-a pdf

Despre carte:

The third part of the OUTLANDER series.

The story behind OUTLANDER

A story without rival. Unforgettable characters. Tasty historical details.

Twenty years ago, Claire Randall went back in time and stumbled into the arms of daredevil Jamie Fraser, straight into the 18th century. Then she went back to her own time, carrying a child and convinced he lost his life at the Battle of Culloden. Yet in her memories he was never more alive.

When, after years of grief, Claire discovers that Jamie is alive, she must make the most difficult choice: stay in the present with her daughter or return to the man she loved in his old age.

Scotland is wracked by plots, passions and dangers are unabated, intrigues are running rampant. The journey into the unknown may bring Claire’s love back or shatter it forever.

The third in the OUTLANDER series is thrilling, daring, challenging. Diana Gabaldon masterfully blends past and present, she indulges in the other ages, but never strays from the story line.

My first coherent thought was: It’s raining. It means we’ve reached Scotland. My next thought was that I saw no change from the random images that were wrapping themselves around my mind, colliding with each other and triggering small, irrelevant synaptic bursts. With some difficulty, I opened my eyes. My eyelids were glued shut and my face felt cold and swollen like a corpse submerged in water. I shuddered at such a thought, and the slight movement made me aware of the wet fabric on me. Sure enough it was raining – a steady spray of rain, covering the greened heath with a faint mist of droplets. I stood up, feeling like a hippo emerging from a swamp, and immediately fell backwards. I blinked and closed my eyes to keep them from the downpour. Slowly, I realized who I was and where I was. Bree. Her face suddenly came back to my memory, with a wince that made me yawn as if I’d been punched in the stomach. I was flooded with fragmented images of loss and separation, a diffuse echo of the chaos of passing through the stones.


Autor: Diana Gabaldon
Editura: Nemira
Colectie: Armada
Anul aparitiei: 2.020
Luna aparitiei: 10
Tip coperta: Brosata
Traducator: Gabriel Stoian
Numar de pagini: 528
Format: 130 x 200
ISBN: 978-606-43-0916-7
Cod de bare: 9786064309167

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